The TransGriot 2016 Democratic POTUS Nominee Endorsement Is…

Early voting for the March 1 Texas Primary election starts in a few hours and runs through February 26, and since that’s about to take place, think it’s a good time to reveal who I support for the Democratic nominee.  That March 1 Texas primary is part of Super Tuesday, in which twelve states will have their primary elections or caucuses.

I was sitting on the fence basically waiting to see which of the surviving candidates in Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders would do what they needed to do to get my support.

I’ve also looked at both their records, and electability in the fall campaign against the Republican nominee in this crucial election is also important to me as well.

The person who will be getting my endorsement for the Democratic nomination for president is Hillary Clinton.

With this election being a critical one, especially in light of the death of Antonin Scalia highlighting one of my major issue concerns in the composition of the SCOTUS,  we need to have a Democratic nominee who can beat all Republifool comers in the fall election.   Frankly that isn’t Bernie Sanders, despite what his overwhelmingly young white supporters think.

He has yet to prove to me he can gain the support of non-white voters, much less has yet to lead in ANY national tracking poll of the 2016 Democratic presidential race.

In addition, where’s the beef on his policy proposals?   I also haven’t heard much besides his one note railing about ‘The Establishment’ and Wall Street bankers and ‘Hillary is a liar’ rhetoric from Sanders supporters.

That doesn’t tell me what his plans are to tackle the United States’ pressing problems in 2016 and beyond

Note to Sanders supporters before you even attempt to come for me, Bill Clinton isn’t running for president. his wife is.  Stop blaming her for the policies that came out of her husband’s administration you don’t like that Sanders also voted for like the 1994 Crime Bill and against the assault weapons ban in the Brady Bill.

I have not liked the sexist attacks that Bernie Sanders supporters have aimed at Hillary Clinton that basically drove me toward making this announcement.

I’m also concerned about the fact Sanders isn’t a Democrat, has disparaged the party in the past and I question just how loyal and committed he would be in getting down ballot Democrats elected nationally and in the various states holding election contests in 2016.

I watched along with the nation as Clinton underwent 11 hours of having the GOP throw the kitchen sink at her in their fake Benghazi hearing and she came through it like a champ.

That’s why if she is our nominee I have far more confidence that she will be taking the oath of office on January 20, 2017 than a Bernie Sanders that has never endured 30 years of relentless attacks by the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy that foaming at the mouth hates her like she has.

The bottom line is Hillary Clinton as the former Secretary of State, a US senator, a longtime member of this party and as First Lady is more than qualified to lead and make history as our nation’s first female president.

And that’s why I’m endorsing her and urging my readers to vote for her in your Democratic primaries for president.

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  1. As a proud Trans* woman and elected Leader in MA, I look forward to working with you and others across the nation to elect our Next President, Hillary Clinton! (had to make an edit :])

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