The Trans Pariahs Are Hatin’

Still amused by that group of millennial trans women who got their jaws all puffed out because I called them out on their pattern of negative behavior at various conferences over the last year and their disrespect of elders.   Somebody had to call out the pattern of what was going on, and point blank ask them if they want to be trans leaders or trans pariahs.

Not going to even link to their hit pieces and give them exposure, They have chosen trans pariah status, and I’m not paying any attention to them until they apologize for their reprehensible actions and disrespect of community elders.

Funny they pulled that stunt in the name of ‘holding people accountable’, but ain’t liking it now that someone else is holding them accountable for their nekulturny behavior.

And BTW,  here’s my answer to taking down those post you don’t like.

If I didn’t retract a post calling white GLBT people out for their racism aimed at President Obama several years ago, what makes y’all misguided peeps think I’m going to take the posts down I wrote calling y’all out on your crap?

You’ve been busted for your attention grabbing stunt at #CC16 and you need to give it up.  The more you and your surrogates attack and attempt to bully me for telling the truth about your behinds, and revealing the real reason you bumrushed that panel, the more ridiculous and disrespectful you look.

In the meantime, while y’all continue your increasingly speedy spiral to irrelevance, I will continue do my part to build intersectional community and network with other trans people and our allies to accomplish the much needed human rights work of the community while y’all plot and plan ‘to take spaces that are rightfully yours’  whatever that Palinesque word salad means.

While y’all were hi-fiving each other and mugging for the cameras for your misguided protest action. I was as a representative of TPOCC in a morning meeting with the leaders of several trans orgs on January 22 discussing strategies for combating the anti-trans laws Republicans are trying to pass around the country.

Funny I didn’t see y’all there.

Last night I spent a few hours talking to a TV reporter I know in Austin getting the ball rolling on correcting the misgendering in the story about Monica Loeda that resulted in us not knowing we have lost our first trans sister in 2016 until last night.

So while y’all rant, rave, fume and continue to prove my point through your actions that y’all like to keep mess and confusion going, I’ll continue to do the work of this community.

And on that note, bye Felicias.  I have grown trans folks business to attend to.

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