The Trans 100 Class of 2015

The Trans 100Even though I expressed my concerns about Sunday’s event and the glaring omission of Texas trans activists in a year in which two Texas cities passed trans inclusive ordinances , make no mistake about it, I am as a 2013 Trans 100 honoree an unabashed supporter of it.   

Congratulations to all the people who were selected for the 2015 list, which included our first international honoree in Victor Mukasa and our first posthumous one.

And now, the Trans 100 Class of 2015

Maddie Adams
Ben Power Alwin
Joe Bates
Oliver Bendorf
Andrea Bowen
Avi Bowie
Myles Alexander Brady
Meghan Buell

Lexie Cannes
Daniella Carter

Joanna M. Cifredo
Thomi Clinton
Dr. Lynn Conway
Yvonne Cook-Riley
James Darling
Samantha-Jo Dato
Jordan Gwendolyn Davis

Rashida Davison
Mashuq Mushtaq Deen
Dallas Denny

Ashley Diamond
Rev. Tammy Jubilant Butcher Ojcr
Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi
Kale Edminston
Lauryn Farris
Sam Feder
Dylan Fluker

Theo George
Katrina Goodlett
Dr. Kai M. Green

Brooke Cerda Guzman
Gretchen Rachel Hammond
Rhys Harper
Imani Keith Henry
Joe Ippolito
Mary Irons
Monica James-Lawren
Sandy Evan James
Jennell Jacquays
Sawyer Andrew Johnson

Monica Jones
Nic Key
Bryn Kelly
Aydin Kennedy
Mira Krishnan
Malachi Larrabe-Gaza

Jiz Lee
Justin Lenley
Aryah Lester
Dr. Rachel  Levine

Jennifer Louise Lopez
Kristen Parker Lovell
Tommy Luckett
Mickey Mahoney
Greta Gustava Martela
J Mase III

JD Melendez
Julian Melson
Joselyn Mendoza
Victor J. Mukasa

Michael Munson
Toni Newman
Maxwell Ng

Kean O’Brien
Elijah Oberman
Marcus Alexander Xavier Ordane
Reyna Ortiz
Alexis P. Paige
Ben Panico
Petey Peterson

Dianne Grace Piggott
Chelsea Poe
Penelope Poppers
Rebeka Refuse
Dr. Sam Reisner SCD
Geena Rocero
Rev. Megan Rohrer
Avi Isaiah Rudnick
Jayden HC Sampson
Greyson Simon

Ms. Dr. Joseph L.Simons
Grace Sterling Stowell
Turner Stulting
De Sube
Emma Violet Todd

Crispin Torres
Jos Truitt
Alek Vaid-Menon
Jay Very
Victoria Villalbe

LaSaia Waide

Bonn Wade

Melvin Antoine Whitehead
Willy Wilkinson
Dawn Josephine Wilson
Hina Wong-Kalu

Evan Young
LaLa Zannell
Leslie Feinberg (posthumously)

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