The Shut Up Fool Of The Decade Is….

On January 30, 2009 I started one of the more popular features on my blog in the weekly Shut Up Fool Awards.    My inaugural fool for that week was FOX Noise Contributor Juan Williams.

The Shut Up Fool weekly awards begat a Shut Up Fool of the Year, that I announced on New Year’s Eve also starting in 2009, with the inaugural winner being then RNC chair Michael Steele.

The blog had only been in operation then for three years, so at that time I wasn’t thinking about doing a Shut up Fool of the Decade award.

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With TransGriot about to turn 14 years old on New Year’s Day, and the blog having been operational for the entire decade of the 2010’s, I think it’s definitely appropriate to follow up on Brandon Mack’s suggestion and name a Shut Up Fool of the Decade.

While I considered group awards for Fox Noise, The Republican Party, the evilgelicals, the TERFs,  Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh and Mitch McConnell just to name a few, there’s really only one person who so richly deserves this inaugural Shut Up Fool of the Decade Award.

That person would be the only repeat winner of a TransGriot Shut Up Fool of the Year  award, and he actually could have won it for several more years because he’d done and said enough WTF level stuff to justify it. 

So enough jibber jabber, let’s get to it. 

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The winner of the inaugural TransGriot Shut Up Fool of the Decade Award is Donald Trump


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