The Race And Everyone Else Enters With Me As Well

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On this 23rd anniversary of the 1994 day I nervously clocked in for workone month before my birthday to begin the public coming out as moi in the middle of IAH’s Terminal C, one of the quotes that has  stuck with me through this journey in this part of my life is one from sociologist, civil rights leader and educator Anna Julia Cooper.

“Only the black woman can say ‘when and where I enter, in the quiet, undisputed dignity of my womanhood, without violence and without suing or special patronage, then and there the whole Negro race enters with me.”

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That’s true for me as well, but I also have a few extra groups tagging along as I get the blessings and opportunities to blaze trails on behalf of myself and the communities I represent in this six foot two inch tall intersectional body.

Everywhen and anywhere I go, the race enters with me as well.  I’m always cognizant of that as a Black trans woman.   I’m always acutely aware that my presentation must be on point, I must be knowledgeable about many subjects, and fearless about speaking my truth in a world determined to silence or shut down my voice

And it’s a role that I have gleefully accepted since that day I stepped into Terminal C and haven’t looked back.

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