The poet KB on Buy Black Buy Trans 10.01.21

This week on TransGriot Weekly we will have an amazing Black Trans Entrepreneur on Buy Black Buy Trans. Our guest this will be KB they/them pronouns. 

KB is a poet, essayist, and cultural worker. Their organizing interests lie in abolition and justice for all marginalized people. Often their writing speaks on Blackness, transness and gender, queerness, class, mental health, sex, politics, music, and our global climate crisis. Currently a PEN America Emerging Voices fellow and an African American Leadership Institute – Austin fellow. KB has founded two nonprofits (Embrace Austin & Interfaces) and am currently a grad student at UT Austin’s Steve Hicks School of Social Work.

What inspired your book? Honestly, the life of me & other Black trans people I’ve come to love in Texas. I cover experiences of Blackness, queerness, transness, class, sexual assault, and how those intermingle to create a whole new reality. There is no doubt that due to various forms of inequity and colonialism, society views certain identities as “wounds”, but what does it mean to define and pride yourself by what people have told you is “wounded”? What does it mean to be alive, despite of everything bleeding? In this book, I’m hoping to recognize those wounds and subvert them. This is my story, and I’m hoping that it resonates with folks who come across it.  

How can we follow you? I’m most active on twitter & instagram 🙂 @earthtokb on both of those! I also have a newsletter called Out Of This World where I do sporadic music reviews & opinion essays that folks can subscribe to here. Last, I regularly post poems, zines, and classes on my patreon here; folks can subscribe for as little as $5 a month 🙂 and my first book drops February 1, 2022 and is available to purchase here

Where can we purchase How To Identify With a Wound? Visit 

There’s a Black trans person reading this what words of wisdom/inspiration would you like to offer if any? Don’t let nobody tell you that you ain’t lit. Do exactly the thing that you want to do in this life. 

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