The New Black H-Town Panel Discussion

Thursday was a busy day for me.   I spent a few hours at the Harris County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council January meeting that afternoon as their guest speaker talking to the cross section of women in that room about how domestic violence issues impact the trans community.

I spent Thursday evening at 14 Pews NOT watching the latest GOP presidential debate and being part of a panel discussion focused on the Black LGBT community organized by the Infamous Iota chapter of Delta Phi Upsilon Fraternity, Inc. and moderated by Brandon Mack and Januari Leo.  

Before we dove into that moderated discussion that featured a cross section of Houston feminine leaders that included newly elected Houston LGBT Caucus president Fran Watson, Shekira Dennis, Christina Gorczynski, and some blogger nobody reads, we spent a few moments getting to socialize and chat about a few things before we started watching at 7 PM the Yoruba Richen documentary The New Black.

Just in case y’all wish to view it, it is currently on Netflix.

The New Black is a movie that should have been required viewing for Houston Unites before they tried and massively failed to defend HERO.

Yeah, still pissed about that HERO defeat and the piss poor Prop 8 2.0 campaign that led to its repeal along with a lot of peeps in Houston Black TBLG World.

But back to the post.

Once that screening was over, after Brandon’s remarks, he turned over the program to Januari for the panel discussion that lasted until 9:15 PM because there was just a lot of subjects to unpack.

Thanks again Iota Chapter of Delta Phi Upsilon Fraternity, Inc.for the invitation to be a part of this amazing evening, and continued success in fulfilling your ongoing mission to inform and educate our community.

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