The First Fool of 2021

Although we are a couple of weeks into the 2021 year seems like the fools are coming out of the woodworks! But there can only be one! The first Shut Up Fool of 2021 is Georgia’s very own U.S. Representative, Marjorie Taylor Greene, of the 14th Congressional District. 


Of course, since this is the first fool of the year, it had to have been a good one, but with all of the foolishness being plentiful, this took me up to the last minute to make a decision, but no worries, plenty of fools will be mentioned in this post. 


Greene caught my attention when I heard these words from a shaken madam House Speaker Pelosi “the enemy is within the House of Representatives” as I dramatically clutched my pearls and thought to myself, who? Shortly after that, Greene’s name was mentioned, and I then vaguely remembered who she was mainly from her harassing the young activist David Hogg, one of the students who survived the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (MSDHS), outside Capitol Hill. She not only called David a coward, she then took to social media using the hashtag #littleHitler as a reference to David, who again was a victim and a highschool student. Greene took it as far as calling the 2018 massacre at MSDHS a “false flag” planned event, and there were 17 students killed on that day. 



For those like myself that wondered what’s a “false flag planned event”?  More commonly known as a “false flag operation,” which overall is an act committed with the intent of disguising the actual source of responsibility and pinning the blame on a second party. And to think that not only is she spewing this QAnon theory crap, but she’s also harassing teenage victims like David and saying deadly school shootings are not real.  


Now to the more recent foolishness she recently stood on the floor of the house with a mask on that said Trump won and not long after took to Twitter this week saying 

“I fully condemn ALL violence. The Antifa/BLM terrorism funded on ActBlue rests with Democrat accomplices like @CoriBush @Ilhan @KamalaHarris @AOC @timkaine & many more… Those who stoke insurrection & spread conspiracies have blood on their hands. They must be expelled,” 

Which kinda reminds me of the Jan. 6th incident at the capital.  


To sum it all up, U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of the 14th Congressional District will hopefully not hold that position much longer. Come get this award and SHUT UP FOOL!


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