The Finalists For 2018 TransGriot Shut Up Fool Of The Year Are…

Longtime TransGriot readers know that on New Year’s Eve, I select a TransGriot Shut Up Fool of the Year.

I’ve been doing this since 2009.   The inaugural winner of it was then RNC chair Michael Steele. 

Here’s the list of people who have won the TransGriot Shut Up Fool of the Year since.

2010- Sarah Palin

2011- Herman Cain

2012- Mitt Romney

2013-  Ted Cruz

2014- Louie Gohmert

2015-  Donald Trump

2016-  Donald Trump

The 2017 winner was Texas Lt Governor Dan Patrick.

As you can see only one person has ever been a repeat winner, and it would have been a threepeat if not for Potty Dan.

So who is in the running to take the 2018 Shut Up Fool of the Year prize?   There’s a lot of nominees, so let’s get to them.

Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Kanye West, Kirstjen Nielsen, Betsy DeVos, Ben Carson, Paul Ryan, Bernie Sanders, a group award for the TERF’s, Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson, Robert Jeffress,  Omarosa, Katrina Pierson, Paris Dennard, Lindsey Graham,  Mitch McConnell,  Brett Kavanaugh,  Steve Bannon, Jeannine Pirro and Tomi Lahren, 

Who will win this year’s award?  Surf on over to TransGriot on New Year’s Eve to find out.

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