The Fight To Keep HERO-September 8

We’re now past Labor Day, which is the traditional start for campaign activity in a Houston civic election, but because of HERO, has ramped up a little early in this 2015 cycle.

The canvassing continues for HERO supporters, with 100 people showing up Saturday to do phone banking, block walking and simply telling the truth about the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance.

The HERO ordinance just to remind people covers 15 categories against discrimination in employment, housing and business services on the basis of 15 different characteristics, including sex, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, familial status, marital status, military status, religion, disability, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender identity and pregnancy. 

But the HERO haters continue to push the debunked bathroom predator lie in their desperate effort to hoodwink and bamboozle people into voting against a human rights ordinance that covers them.

The Houston Unites campaign to defend HERO is on the J-O-B, with Fran Watson appearing on KCOH-AM, a local Black radio station owned by HERO hater and mayoral candidate Ben Hall this morning to debate the ordinance.

But Hall isn’t giving up on his efforts to lie about the HERO.   He’s planning aDemonize the HERO 

 event tonight at Northbrook Middle School in the Spring Branch ISD ( a district that doesn’t have an anti-bullying or non-discrimination policy covering sexual orientation and gender identity BTW) at 7:00 PM CDT.


Join me as I explain the details of one the most important issues in this election. I’ll discuss why you should vote NO to the “Houston Equal Rights Ordinance” (HERO), also known as the “Bathroom Ordinance”. 

This ordinance will be identified on the November 3 ballot as Proposition 1 a/k/a Prop 1. 

Prop 1 does not actually provide equal rights to everyone. I’ll explain why the ordinance doesn’t protect Houstonians and how it’s actually very unsafe. I’ll explain why it puts your family, your businesses and your freedom at risk. And I’ll also debunk the ludicrous rumor that anyone against this ordinance is “anti-LGBT” and approves of discrimination. 

The event is hosted by Kempwood North Civic Association, and takes place in the THEATER of Northbrook Middle School, 3030 Rosefield, Houston TX 77080. (The Theater is at the south end of the school, on your right as you face the school office.) 

Come ask questions about the ordinance during the Q&A session. This issue affects you!

It isn’t a ludicrous rumor Mr Hall, it’s a fact that if you’re against the HERO ordinance knowing that until it was passed, Houston had NO local remedy to combat discrimination (and neither does the state of Texas,),,you ARE an anti-LGBT oppressor and hater, especially if your only reason for doing so is a debunked transphobic lie.

And you as an attorney Mr.Hall, should be ashamed of yourself for peddling disinformation and lies.

Just in case y’all angelic troublemakers wish to raise some hell and bring some truth to the auditorium, Northbrook Middle School is located at 3030 Rosefield St. in H-town.

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