The Fight To Keep HERO- September 30

We are one day closer to the October 5 deadline to register to vote for this upcoming civic election in which unfortunately, our Houston human rights law was forced onto the ballot by partisan GOP politics.

The HERO haters are desperately attempting their fear and smear tactics in their last ditch effort to try to hoodwink and bamboozle people into voting against their own civil rights.

56% of the discrimination complaints received by the Houston office of the Inspector General since the passage of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance on May 28, 2014 have been race related with another 17% of the complaints received by the OIG have been based on sex.

And the ongoing discriminatory mess with the Gaslight Club has shown a bright spotlight on why the City of Houston needs a local remedy to deal with local discrimination since the state of Texas does not have a non-discrimination law, federal law does not cover everyone, and filing federal anti-discrimination lawsuits is expensive and time consuming… .  

Rather than wait for Houston Unites to come up with an action plan for discussing HERO, Black Houston activists concerned about th lack of action in our communities have begun to mobilize and do the work necessary to deliver affirmative votes for it from our neighborhoods.

They have started the African Americans For Prop 1 Facebook page in order to provide a rapid response to anti-HERO lies, tell the truth about what HERO does, and provide information about upcoming events in the Houston Black community.

The bottom line is that the HERO oppostion has been since  last May disseminating lies about HERO unchallenged.  This election will probably be decided in Black neighborhoods, and we must get accurate information to our people to counteract the right wing lies.

This site is just part of a grassroots effort to do precisely that.

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