The Fight To Keep HERO-September 21

‘Black ministers in Houston have been particularly outspoken against the ordinance, and, by all accounts, they’ve been highly effective. Their parishioners and congregants need to show a little independence. They need to read the ordinance themselves, consider the experience of other cities and apply a little common sense to the issue.’Houston Chronicle, ‘Time to be HERO-ic’ , September 20, 2015

While I was in Washington DC for the National Black Justice Coalition’s just concluded OUT on the Hill Black LGBTQ/SGL Leadership Summit, one of the questions I and my fellow Houstonians attending the conference frequently had to answer while I was inside I-495 was ‘What’s going on with the HERO?

And what was my answer to the inside the Beltway folks and other Black LGBT peeps like me about it?  “It’s 50-50 whether we keep HERO or it gets repealed”

As many people I’ve talked to about the Houston Unites campaign know, I haven’t been happy about the way this has been run since the opening August press conference.  One of the communities that will be critical in determining whether the HERO lives as it should or dies will be the Houston Black community. 

My problem with Houston Unites not only is the lack of will to utterly destroy the trans predator myth, but the problematic lack of consistent pushback in the Houston Black community in the face of negative anti-HERO ads aimed at the Black community being played unchecked on Majic 102 and Ben Hall owned KCOH.

I also have a problem with the failure so far to go on offense concerning the opposition lies that a HERO that covers 15 categories is a ‘LGBT ordinance’, Federal law already covers everyone and HERO isn’t necessary (no it doesn’t)  and we need to repeal it so we can ‘rewrite it to cover everyone’.

I have also been scratching my head at the ongoing human rights malpractice as to why Houston Unites hasn’t pointed out the consequences of what WILL happen to Houston economically if Prop 1 isn’t approved.

Note to the HERO haters.  The ordinance already covers every Houstonian, and you need to stop telling the lie that it doesn’t   Why shouldn’t we have a local, non expensive alternative to combating local discrimination besides filing an expensive federal lawsuit?

Houston Unites needs to be bolder and as relentless in taking the message to Black media outlets and the Houston Black community that HERO protects us from local discrimination as our opponents have been since last year in aggressively demonizing the Houston trans community and putting out disinformation about the ordinance. It’s way past time to rebuke these Houston pastors who repeatedly violate the Ninth Commandment. You do nothave to be nice and ‘take the high road’ against an opponent who wants to oppress you. doesn’t care about facts, and is willing to throw their own human rights and the human rights of an entire city under the bus just to get a win and as a bonus for them, satisfy their irrational faux faith based hatred of the Houston LGBT community at the same time.

Neither can it all be on the Houston Black community to find out on their own that some of their ministers are lying to them. That strategy ain’t working. Houston Unites is going to need to spend some money NOW just like you’re doing for other Houston demographic communities on ramped up media and canvassing efforts targeted specifically to council districts Districts B, D and J for starters.

You’re welcome.

The situation also can’t continue of the Houston Black LGBT community going it alone on our underfunded education efforts.  We could use some money and air time to get our message out there to our people.    

and other Houston Black LGBT people who busted our azzes to pass this much needed ordinance are NOT happy about the silence of the local NAACP, Houston area Black politicians. and the local Urban League chapter for starters to get behind Proposition 1,  It would also be nice and deeply appreciated if Houston Unites hires folks from the demonized Houston Black LGBT community to talk to our community as only we can to blow up those lies.

Houston Unites, it’s  past time for you to be HERO-ic too.  If you want to win on November 3, you’ll do that ASAP.   

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