The Fight To Keep HERO- October 6

The deadline to register for this year’s mayoral election passed at midnight, and if you didn’t handle that business, it’s too late for the upcoming election for you to participate.   However, if you haven’t done so, not too late for you to register fo next years presidential election.

Time to blow up another lie the HERO haters have been telling in terms of the ordinance applies to them.

While I’m of the opinion it should apply to churches and religious institutions, especially since there have ben far too many pastors bearing false witness against the Houston trans community, and another HERO opponent revealed to be a serial sexual harasser, the facts are there is a general exemption in our non-discrimination ordinance for religious organizations.

Anyone telling you otherwise is lying to you.

Two weeks ago I was interviewed by Houston political blogger Charles Kuffner, whose Off the Kuff blog is the go to one for Houston and Texas political news. . I expressed my thoughts about how the HERO defense campaign was going at the time along with a few other subjects we discussed..

Here’s the link to that interview.

The financial reports were released recently, and Houston unites has raised $1,292,893 for the campaign so far, spent $597, 299 and has $521,462 on hand.   The HERO haters have yet to file their report. 

Just need y’all to spend some of that money on radio commercials on Black radio stations over the next several weeks and canvassing in Districts B, D, J and K .

We’ve had a few organizations and news outlets starting to get off their behinds and get behind the passage of Proposition 1.

The Houston Chronicle got the ball rolling by urging a YES vote on Prop1. KPRC-TV2, our local NBC station unleashed an editorial urging a YES vote for Prop 1

In Sunday’s Houston Chronicle, several groups that had already expressed their support for our local human rights ordinance took out a full page ad to remind people once again they support the law..

We’re one day closer to early voting on October 19.

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