The Fight To Keep HERO- October 29

We are in the second week of early voting which will conclude on Friday, so if you haven’t gotten your early vote on, please do so today or Friday.  After that date you will have to do it at your regular polling place on Tuesday November 3.

And yes, I have voted FOR Prop 1 and the candidates for mayor and council who support the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance.

Lot of things happening since my last update post.   One of the big business groups in town, the Greater Houston Partnership has come out in favor of HERO and urged a YES vote on it.

And that meme leading off this post?    Yep, it’s sad but true.  The reason we don’t have a non- discrimination ordinance with local remedies for discrimination today is because back in 1984 when the sexual orientation only one was passed, the ordinance haters like Steven Hotze, Dave Wilson and others teamed up with the Klan to ‘scurr’ people into voting against their own human rights.  And yes, attacks on the trans community (crossdressing men in your kids schools) were used in that odious 1985 campaign.

Now Hotze, Wilson and the new jack HERO haters like Dave Welch, Steve Riggle have shrewdly used kneegrow sellouts like Ben Hall, Rev F.N. Williams and Rev Max Miller to act as human shields for them to make their hate coalition look ‘more diverse’ and inject anti- trans hate in my community.

And I’m NOT happy about that .along with the ongoing efforts of these sellout kneegrow ministers and a failing for the second time mayoral candidate to hoodwink and bamboozle Black Houstonians into voting against their human rights.

As I’ve been saying since August, the HERO battle would be won or lost in the Black community, and I’ve expressed my concerns that NOT enough has been done by Houston Unites to kill the bathroom predator lie being spread in Black neighborhoods.

The gentleman on the left is Houston civil rights icon Rev. William Lawson.  He led the coalition that helped desegregate Houston’s downtown lunch counters, secured Black employment for the construction of the Astrodome and subsequent African-American employment when it opened in 1965.  

And as the Houston African-American News pointed out, he supports HERO

Today from 6-8 PM a phone bank geared toward the Houston African-American community will take place at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston jointly sponsored by African Americans For HERO and Houston Unites. Address is 5200 Fannin Street, and you can either bring your laptop and cellphone or  just show up.

The NAACP and Houston Urban League (better late than never) are finallygetting radio ads on the air urging my community vote YES on Prop 1.  But is it in time?

And as I’ve pointed out, this fight has the attention of Texas and the world.  Articles in the New York Times, the Texas Tribune and other media outlets.

Out of town media, just a note.  HERO is a human rights ordinance,   It is not a ‘bathroom bill’ or an ‘LGBT ordinance’.  Get it right that it covers 15 categories.

Here are 5 quick things you need to know about the HERO.

And something they should have been doing from the start in terms of debunking the bathroom lie..

In other news Texans owner Bob McNair woke the hell up and asked the HERO haters to return his $10K contribution to them.   Guess the NFL or someone whispered in his ear this was a bad PR move and much of his fan base supports the HERO.

Don’t be like Bob on Election Day and wake up on November 4 feeling stupid because you fell for the right wing okey-doke and lies.  Vote YES on Prop 1.


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