The Fight To Keep HERO-October 14

We are creeping closer to the October 19 start of early voting in this ongoing battle to keep HERO, and Satan’s Helpers. AKA the HERO opposition have been busy.  

The first anti-HERO TV commercials hit the airwaves focused on guess what?   The discredited bathroom predator lie.  Like I’ve said repeatedly, they are going to beat that lie into hamburger because fear and smear is all they’ve got.

In response, Houston Unites fired back with two new commercials featuring Noel Freeman (happy belated birthday Noel!) talking about his struggles as a veteran getting hired.  Veterans Status is one of the 15 categories HERO covers for the ignorati obsessed with potty issues.

Houston based corporations are starting to speak up and come out in favor of YES votes for the ordinance, pointing out it is good for business.

Meanwhile another poll in the 2015 mayoral race was released with Sylvester Turner showing as the leader in it. whit Adrian Garcia and Bill King tied for second spot in the poll

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