The Battle To Keep HERO-September 29

One of the reasons I’m more than pissed off about the lack of pushback in Black Houston over the lies the HERO opposition and their kneegrow sellouts are telling about our local civil rights law is because the people who are being negatively affected by the current status quo non-coverage situation are people of color.

Specifically, women of color.

56% of the HERO complaints are not only race related, but the next highest category of complaints logged by the Houston Office of the Inspector General who would be tasked with investigating them are sex discrimination at 17%.

Even the two high profile trans discrimination cases that have occurred in H-town also fit that pattern. The Izza Lopez one in 2006 and the Leyth Jamal one in 2012 not only happened inside the Houston city limits. but happened to Latina and Black trans women.

And yes, the increasingly infamous Gaslamp nightclub has also aimed their reprehensible anti-Black hatred at Black women.

This continuing cesspool of discrimination, by the way, would have had a local remedy to deal with it if HERO hadn’t been screwed with by the Harris County Republican Party, the all GOP Texas Supreme Court, and out of town activists messing with Houston human rights business.

In some good HERO news, the Houston Association of Realtors board voted to support Prop 1.

“The Houston Association of Realtors sees HERO as an extension of the Code of Ethics to which licensed Realtors must adhere each day to ensure the fair and ethical treatment of all real estate consumers,” said HAR Chair Nancy Furst. “Our 31,000-member association respects and celebrates Houston’s diverse population, and we believe HERO complements the Realtor commitment to conduct business without discrimination of any kind.”

In voting to support HERO, the HAR board recognized that similar equal rights laws are on the books in more than 200 U.S. cities, including Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio, and 17 states, and have not resulted in any reports of increased public safety problems. The board concluded that the anti-discrimination measure “promotes a healthy business climate throughout Houston.”

It joins other heavyweight H-town business associations in the Greater Houston Partnership, The Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Hotel and Lodging Association of Greater Houston in urging YES votes to keep HERO.

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