The 2016 TransGriot NFL Prognostication Champion Is…


Mike Watts won Week 17  with an 11-5 record, but I accomplished my goal of becoming the first ever repeat champion in the TransGriot NFL Prognostication Contest.   The best part about it was for the first time ever, I went through the entire NFL season without a losing week

So yep, gonna pop my collar for a minute, revel in my back to back NFL prognostication supremacy and go for the threepeat when the 2017 season kicks off.

Here’s also hoping that Eli can come off of injured reserve, conquer his health challenge  and join the fun with us 2017

NFL Week 17 Results                                                Final 2016 NFL Season Results
TransGriot   10-6                                                       *TransGriot   170-84-2
Mike             11-5                                                        
Mike           163-91-2
Eli                —                                                             Eli                —

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