The 2014 Shut Up Fool Of The Year Is…

One of the more popular features on my blog is the weekly Shut Up Fool Awards.  Every week I get to call out the fools in our midst, and business was booming in 2014 because it was an election year.

An outgrowth of the Shut Up Fool Awards is one of my TransGriot New Year’s Eve
traditions in which on December 31,  I take the time to honor the person, persons
or group who had a year’s worth of WTF moments with the TransGriot Shut
Up Fool of the Year Award.

The inaugural winner of the Shut Up Foll of the Year Award in 2009 was then RNC chair Michael Steele   He was followed by Sarah Palin in 2010, Herman Cain snagged the honor over some stiff competition in 2011 followed by runaway 2012 winner Mitt Romney. 

Last year’s Shut Up Fool of Year winner was the junior senator from Alberta, Ted Cruz.   He made a late run to snag the 2013 Shut Up Fool of The Yearhonors.

So let’s get to this year’s Shut Up Fool of the Year winner.   Was a tough decision.   Sen Ted Cruz  (R-TX) made a serious run for a repeat.  Sen Marco Rubio (R-FL)  Rep Steve King (R-IA), Rep Peter King (R-NY), Rep Marsha Blackburn, (R-TN), Reince Priebus,  Bryan Fischer,  Gov. Rick Perry, Greg Abbott, Rev James Manning of the ATLAH hate church, local Houston fools Dave Welch, Dave Wilson and Rev. Max Miller, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Steve Doocy, Gretchen Carlson, Rudy Guiliani, Pat Lynch also were in the mix for this 2014 award.

Group Nominations for Fox Noise, the NFL, the NRA, the NYPD, and the Republican Party.

Louie-Gohmert.jpegBut this year’s SUF Of The Year honoree narrowly missed the honor in 2013, but earned it this year with people from the Attorney General to the TransGriot ‘casting aspersions on his asparagus.’

This year’s Shut Up Fool of the Year is Rep. Louie Gohmert (Teabagger-TX). 

Whether he was race baiting President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder on a regular basis, hating on the LGBT community, opening his mouth to charge that the POTUS wouldn’t protect women from ‘hundreds of thousands of immigrant rapists‘, saying gays shouldn’t serve in the military because massages will make them vulnerable to terrorism, claiming liberals want violence and mayhem, and saying the gang violence in Central America is a myth, Gohmert Pyle proves on a regular basis he is one of the stupidest men in Congress, an embarrassment to Texas and the reality based people unfortunate enough to live in his district.

Rep. Louie Gohmert, you’re the 2014 Shut Up Fool of the Year!

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