The 2014-2015 Trans School Year Is Off To A Great Start

‘I expect this school year won’t be any different.  But as this 2014-15
school year transpires, there will probably be trans history made in
some locales before the academic year has come to a close.’ 
TransGriot, August 25, 2014  Have A Wonderful 2014-15 School Year

Can I call it or what?  

September hasn’t even ended and we’ve already seen the crowning of a transmasculine homecoming king and transfeminine homecoming queen in Texas and Colorado.   Hopefully this is just the beginning of more positive news coming from the members of the Class of 2015.

As I stated last month, I expect some drama to happen before this school year draws to a close   Drama like transphobic school districts reluctant to let trans students run for homecoming king
or queen, run for prom king or queen, prom dress code kerfluffles,
potty wars, cap and gown graduation battles, or just simply getting ID
to match who they are now. 

But know Class of 2015, you do have help to turn to in case these fools step to you like Lambda Legal, GLSEN and the ACLU ready to pounce on those who would mess with your human rights

And I’m looking forward to hearing about more of your groundbreaking accomplishments and you achieving the goal of graduating.

But we have a few months until May gets here before that happens.

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