Thank You To My Sistah Girls

Yesterday I was in a blah mood until the phone rang and it was Renee on the other end of it.  We spent a glorious hour having one of those conversations that surprise surprise doesn’t involve us talking about writing, our blogs, the state of the African diaspora, Black women’s place in it or some of the other topics we’ve expounded on over the last five years.

Yesterday, it was simply girl talk. 

Yes, the Phenomenal Transwoman needs to be just one of the Sistah Girls at times.   I deal with a lot of crap inside and outside of the trans community activist wise, and every now and then it just feels good to talk about ‘gettin’ our girl on’ as me and Renee call it.

It’s nice for me to know that for that time I’m on the phone with Renee or any of my cis or trans girlfriends, I’m one of the tribe and I’m blessed to have these quality women around me.

Even better, I’m blessed to have quality women around me in my ongoing feminine journey that I can call my friends, ask questions, and get the answers I need that help me in understanding my evolution to Black womanhood and the role I play in it.

In my sistah circle, I’m not getting misgendered by some vanillacentric rad fem or hater.  I’m seen, respected and loved as simply another Black woman and it does wonders toward helping me stay focused on what I need to do to achieve my goal of being a quality Black woman.

It’s hard enough to be a Black woman even when you’re born with a body that matches your gender identity and presentation from birth.  It’s much harder when you feel as though you’re playing catch up to that status.  

So thank you to my sistah girls for doing their part to make me and other Black transwomen feel as though we are part of the circle and we belong. 

to all my sistahgrils cis ans trans. You make my life better just for
being you, allowing me the blessing of being part of your lives and
sharing some of the life lessons you have learned with me to help make
me a better human being.





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