Texas Trans Teen Being Allowed To Wear Dress For Graduation

In the wake of what happened in North Carolina the usual calls from the I-5 and I-95 corridors rang out for GLBT people to leave their ‘bigoted red states’ and come to the blue oases of rainbow equality that can be just as hateful and bigoted as the red states we leave behind.

I and other red staters repeatedly point out that you can’t turn those states purple and later blue unless you have people living here who not only love it just as much as the Forces of Intolerance, but are willing to fight the right wingers tooth and nail to advance rainbow human rights.

Well, here’s another example in my argument as to why it’s vitally important for GLBT peeps to stay and fight for our human rights and the world we wish to live in even in a so called ‘red state’.

Just 30 miles northwest of Houston is Waller, TX where transteen Brandon Navarro lives and is a Waller High School senior.   Brandon ID’s as gay and a crossdresser (but I suspect Brandon is headed to the trans end of the TBLG spectrum and will use femme pronouns in this story) and has worn appropriate feminine attire according to her mother during her high school years.   

Navarro planned to wear a dress to prom and high school graduation on June 2 and had already skipped prom to avoid drama.  Navarro dropped plans to wear a dress and high heels with her long hair after a teacher
reminded her of the graduation dress code.

The Waller High School graduation dress code rules requires senior
males to wear slacks and shirts with their hair above the collar.

Navarro’s mother then got involved and Brandon met with the school’s principal to strike a compromise acceptable to both sides.  
While Brandon will have to leave the earrings and high heels out of her wardrobe,
she’ll be able to wear a dress under her gown.


 Congrats Brandon!  may you have much success in any future endeavors.

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