Texas Primary Early Voting Ends May 25

For my Lone Star State TransGriot readers, you peeps are already aware of the fact based on all the political ads running on TV and radio the early voting phase of our state’s delayed primary elections are happening.  In case you haven’t done your civic duty you have until May 25 to get your vote on if you wish to do so before the May 29 election day.

Remember, thanks to the Department of Justice the Texas Voter Suppression Law is NOT in effect, so all you will need to cast your ballot is your voter registration card.

The cool thing about early voting is that you get to choose the location you vote at and it fits your schedule.   If you wait until May 29 to vote, you can only do so at your regular precinct location.

For you Harris County TransGriot readers, here’s the 37 locationsyou can choose from to exercise your right to vote for the people who will be Democratic or that other party’s candidates in November.

The Texas NAACP is watching for any voter irregularities and BS designed to suppress voter turnout in our communities, so if you happen to witness or experience it, give the Texas NAACP a call.

Once again peeps, you have until May 25 to participate in early voting, and to find out where you can hit you local county website for the locations.

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