Texas Early Voting Starts October 24

Since the last presidential debate between Democratic nominee Sec. Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump will be talking place later tonight, it’s a nice time to remind all you TransGriot Texas readers that early voting is starting on October 24 in the Lone Star State.

With polls showing that the race is within the margin of error, we have a chance to make happen something that hasn’t occurred since I was 14 in seeing Texas go blue.

The last time that happened was in 1976 when Jimmy Carter took the Lone Star State, and now we have a historic opportunity to flip it to blue.

But for that to happen, you must go to the polls and vote.   And don’t just start and stop with the presidential race either.  There are other races and positions on the ballot that need your undivided attention, and you need to vote from POTUS to dog catcher

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Also as a reminder, thanks to the Veasey v. Abbott case, the Texas Voter Suppression law is DEAD because it was declared unconstitutional.  

The Texas GOP still tried to play that voter suppression game, and got called on it by Nelva Gonzales Ramos, the federal judge overseeing the case ruled they were willfully defying her order.

Harris County clerk Stan Stanart (R) is also being investigated by the court as well.   Time to replace him anyway on November 8 with someone who will fairly administer the election system in our county.

In case you’re wondering, Judge Ramos is an Obama appointee.  Presidential elections matter, especially when it comes to the federal judiciary.

You do not need a photo ID to vote if you don’t have one. You will need to be registered and have your blue voter registration card, and sign a statement swearing you are the person appearing to vote before you will be allowed to..

I’m looking forward to doing my civic duty and gleefully saying, “You’re fired” to every Republican on my ballot, and can’t wait until 2018 to do the same to Dan Patrick, Ken Paxton and Greg Abbott.

Back to focusing on the task at hand in this 2016 election.  

In Harris County, (the city of Houston’s county for you non Texans) early voting will be in various locations, and have different times for different periods.   From October 24-28, the early voting polling centers will be open from 8 AM-6 PM.

On Souls To The Polls Weekend, on Saturday the early voting locations will be open from 7 AM-7 PM on Saturday, October 29, and on Sunday, October 30 from 1-6 PM

From October 31-November 4, the polls will be open from 7 AM-7 PM.

Check your local county clerk website for the times and early voting polling locations for your part of the Lone Star State.   You can also check the Texas Secretary of State website for more information about our upcoming election.

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