Ted Cruz Getting Not So Warm New York Welcome

When the late Molly Ivins and a long list of Texans tried to warn the rest of America not to elect George W. Bush to the White House, many of you shrugged off that warning to this country’s detriment.

It ended up with us suffering through the worst presidency of my lifetime and one in which President Obama had to spend much of his first term cleaning up the Bushit left behind.

Now we’re approaching 2016, and we have another Texas Republican born in Calgary trying to get the Republican nomination.   And while Caitlyn Jenner may like him, she’s living on her California estate and  not inside the borders of the Lone Star State like I am having to watch Damien Thorn, Jr’s dominionist azz.

So you know I’ve been enjoying the denizens of New York giving Ted Cruz a proper NYC welcome during his visit to attempt to mend fences for the upcoming April 19 primary in the state.

But it isn’t going well, as that NY Daily News cover is emphatic testimony to.  He’s been called out at various appearances, and one event at a high school had to be cancelled when the students threatened to walk out.

They haven’t forgotten Cruz dissing their beloved city during a GOP debate in January in which he slammed Trump for his ‘New York Values’.  The fact a Texas senator (yuck) did so only served to piss them off even more.

Hey New York, many of us in the Lone Star State don’t like Cruz either, so keep the anti-Cruz insults coming.  

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