Target Has Best Year Since 2005

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When you support the TBLGQ community, we will not only reciprocate, but it will benefit your bottom line.

The evilgelicals and right wing peeps have been boycotting Target for their supported TBLGQ policies and stances, and it looks like that boycott has spectacularly failed.

Sales at Target stores grew 5% in 2018.   Its digital sales grew an astounding 31% and the topped it off with an outstanding Christmas season to cap their best year performance wise since 2005..

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Target’s stock has also risen to $75 a share.

I also believe in supporting people who support my community.   When I needed stuff for my new apartment last July, I got the majority of it from Target.

So what can we learn from this?   If you peddle transphobia and homophobia, it affects your bottom line.    When you embrace your TBLGQ customers, you will be rewarded with loyalty from that customer base.

And besides, Target has better quality stuff.

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