Tamron Hall Brings The Pain

Damn I love Tamron Hall!  

Her weekday MSNBC show at 1 PM CDT is Must See TV for moi and the fact she’s a sista Texan and no nonsense journalist adds to her appeal for me.

She just has poor taste in NFL football teams being she’s an Arlington Cowchips fan.

But back to the post.  Tamron called out Romney spokesbot Art Carney on a recent show for disrespecting her and accusing her of ‘ambushing’ him for this interview he agreed to do.

Dude, don’t ever piss off a journalist from Texas.   Another note for you, not all Texans are conservafools. 

Thank you Tamron for bring
the pain. More media people should follow her example and call out the
disrespect when it happens.   The politicians need y’all, not the other way
around and it’s past time journalists started acting like journalists
and not stenographers to power

Our demoracy depends on unflinching journalism asking tough questions of the people running for office so we peeps heading to the polls have solid information to base our decisions on, and that’s supposed to be the reason why the Fourth Estate folks get paid the bucks they do.

Watch her bring the pain to a Romney spinmeister who made the mistake of disrespecting her on her show.

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