Tamara Adrian Sworn In

Venezuela Just Swore in Its First Transgender Legislator

Tamara Adrian made history as the first elected trans national legislator in Venezuela, the second in the Western Hemisphere and South America, and only the fifth worldwide.

Now that she has been sworn in, it’s official.   She took the oath of office on January 5 and has become a member of a very exclusive sorority of trans feminine politicians who serve in their national legislatures.

As the new rep for Caracas, while Adrian would like to pass a gender identity law, a same sex marriage one, and an anti-discrimination, she is aware that much of the reason she and many of her fellow assemblymembers were elected was to tackle the economic issues that have resulted in 160% inflation. and Venezuela’s currency being worthless outside the country despite having oil reserves .

“People are poor now, and poverty has increased a lot this year, “said Adrian.  “But next year, they are going to be hungry if we don’t take steps to make the economy better.  Things could come to a head in the first quarter of [2016]”

Let’s hope that she and her fellow legislators are successful in tackling that problem

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