T Minus 2 Weeks To CC15

This time last year it was those of us on the Houston Host Committee for Creating Change 2014 who were checking and rechecking our plans, nervously looking at the long range weather forecasts, and giddy with excitement that we were about to roll out the rainbow carpet to the community for our first ever Creating Change that we intentionally set the bar high for and smashed records in conducting it.

And yes National LGBTQ Task Force, we look forward in H-town to having the opportunity to host Creating Change again.

Now it’s Denver’s turn.   And we can feel the Denver Host Committee’s excitement and nervousness all the way here in Texas.

You can exhale CC15 Host Committee because the nine months of planning meetings are over.  All you’re doing at this point is dealing with last minute issues that crop up.  Your four CC15 conference co-chairs are doing their local media blitz and checking with the chairs and co-chairs of the committees they are responsible for to make sure everything is running smoothly.   


In just two weeks LGBT World will be gathering at the 5,280 altitude of Denver, Colorado for Creating Change 2015 at the Sheraton Denver Downtown and all the other nearby overflow hotels for the expected 3500 attendees.

cc15preheaderbordered640x100And for those of us coming from Houston, we’ll be interested to see if they back up the smack talk some loose lipped Coloradans allegedly uttered at the Hilton Americas bar during CC14 that they would smash all our CC all time records we’d just set.

And hope to see my Denver trans family in the CC15 house and all the rest of you peeps I know and love while I’m there.   Looking forward to meeting a few new friends as well.

Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel - ExteriorDenver will be the center of LGBT World from February 3-8, and it’ll be fun to see all my fave peeps in the community and report on the CC15 happenings, especially from the perspective of someone who is just a year removed from helping plan one.

I’m also excited because it’s the first time ever I’ve been able to attend back to back Creating Change conferences and it’s time for the Air Marshal to take flight again..

So see y’all in two weeks.   And yeah, I’ll be bringing my Houston Texans sweatshirt with me.

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