T-30 Days To Election Day

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It’s 30 days to Election Day and in several states people are already voting for president and other offices thanks to early voting.   This is also a time in which many states have looming voter registration deadlines.

There are people in several states voting as a bombshell 2005 tape of Trump saying some other disgusting things about women on a hot mic emerged yesterday afternoon that has finally enraged the Republican Party to the point where Utah Republicans like Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Sen Mike Lee and Gov Gary Herbert not only have rescinded endorsements of him, but in Lee’s case are calling for him to resign.

Yeah, too bad for y’all Donald’s not listening and his ego is too big for him to do that.

It’s also telling that he can say jacked up things about Black, Muslim, LGBTQ and Latinx Americans and Republicans say nothing, but insult the white suburban women and it’s a crisis.

October 24, the first day of early voting in Texas ,can’t get here fast enough for me.

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Meanwhile Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton keeps chugging along and wisely letting Donald’s mouth keep destroying his campaign.

While I’m doing the happy dance over this schadenfreude laced situation the Trumpenfuhrer and his Not Ready For Political Primetime campaign staff is facing, I’m still concerned that 40% of his base is going to vote for him no matter what.

That means those of us who are with her need to handle our political business for the next thirty day and not relent in the work we do to get her elected until we hear the words ‘President-elect Hillary Clinton’.   Then we can exhale.

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We also need to show up and show out on November 8, and fire his behind and every Republican who supports him at all levels of government..

Should be an interesting second debate tomorrow.

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