Stay In Your Lane-Vol 1

TransGriot Note:  Guest Post by Ashton P. Woods.

One thing you will come
to learn about me is that I am not new to activism and that affords me
the ability and talent to know how to communicate in a clear and concise
way. Since about August of 2014, a select few, certain people have
tried to give me directive about MY message and what I SAY when I stand
up for the communities that reflect my intersections. My favorite one is
when I was told that I needed to “honey coat” or be less radical in my
approach. REGARDLESS of what you may think about my approach, IT WORKS
AND SOME OF YOU DON’T LIKE IT and I could give ZERO fucks about how you

The way you do things
works for you and I RESPECT THAT, but be fully aware that you do NOT
have the right to impose your respectability politics on me, this is NOT
ABOUT YOU. Some of you REALLY need to put ego aside, and even realize
that because some of you are in the ranks of predominantly White
organizations and groups does NOT give you White privilege. YOU, my
“friends” that have a problem with my unapologetic Blackness and my
refusal to mold myself into someone that is palatable to White folks can
kiss my ass and as a matter of fact you can go straight to your hell if
that is what you believe in.

Many of you are confused
or flustered that I have been able to reach people in places so
fast…THERE IS NO NEED FOR CONFUSION! The very issue that some of you
have with me, you know my “IN YOUR FACE” and “HONEST” approach without
the sugarcoating is what people ACTUALLY like about me. i will not tell
you how to run your show, so STAY IN YOUR LANE! Just so we are CLEAR,
I didn’t have to join some organization or some PAC to build what many
of you hold so dear, political capital. I am not in it for the power
like some of you, I just want to HELP PEOPLE and I don’t need to join
some organization that does not have my best (Black) interest at heart
in order to get progress. 


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