State Of Black Lives Convening Day 2

Spent an interesting first day at the State of Black Lives Convening sponsored by Freedom Bound Texas and #Black Lives Matter at the Emerson UU Church near the Galleria area yesterday.

I took part in a discussion moderated by Dee Dee Watters entitled “Before I’m Trans, I’m Black’ that was merged with one conduced by Dr Rachel Afi Quinn and Eesha Pandit that focused on gender based violence.

It was also wonderful to spend some quality time talking with one of my JJ Falcon classmates in addition to the other first day attendees.

Dee Dee felt that the two topics needed to be merged since gender based violence is an all too real part of trans feminine lives.  It led to a dynamite panel that could have gone on for another hour.

Another event anticipated today is the keynote speech from Elaine Brown, th former president and Minister of Information with the Black Panther Party.

You can check out the hashtag #FreedomBound to see some of the tweets about today’s panels and other discussions that take place today, or even better, if you can, show up.


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