Stacey Dash Is Running For Congress – Bye Stacey!

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Our friends in California have had their share of Democratic and Republican leaning actors running for public office in the Golden State. 

George Lloyd Murphy served as the Republican US Senator for California from 1965-1971 and basically was the person that role modeled the transition path from notable actor to a politician that Ronald Reagan and later Arnold Schwarzenegger successfully followed.

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Seaking of Reagan and Schwarzenegger, both have been Republican governors of California.

Reagan parlayed his time as Cali’s 33rd governor from 1967-1975 into two terms as the 40th president of the United States from 1981-1989.

Schwarzenegger parlayed his movie career into two terms as California’s 38th governor. ‘The Governator’ served from from 2003-2011.

And I can’t forget Sonny Bono.  He served as the Republican congressman from California’s 44th congressional District from 1995 until his death from injuries sustained in a skiing accident in 1998

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On the California Democratic Party side, there was Helen Gahagan Douglas, who became the third woman in US history and the first Democratic woman elected to Congress from California. 

She represented California’s 14th Congressional District from 1945-1951. 

She ran for the US Senate in 1950, and was unfortunately subjected by Richard Nixon to the most vicious smear campaign in California history that ended her political career and started Nixon’s until it ended in the disgrace the Watergate scandal.

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Democrat Sheila Kuehl was a child actor and attorney who later served three terms in the California State Assembly’s 41st District  from 1994-2000 and later in the California Senate’s 23rd District from 2008-2008.

She was elected to the LA County Board of Supervisors in 2014 and is still serving her 3rd District constituents.

That pattern continues today, with unabashed Trump supporter Antonio Sabato, Jr announcing last year he was going to run for Congress in 2018 as a Republican and challenge Rep. Julia Brownley (D) in the 26th District that covers southern Ventura County.

Brownley has represented the district since 2013.

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And now we have actress and former FOX Nose pundit Stacey Dash announcing that she is going to run for the US Congress in the 44th Congressional District currently represented by freshman Democrat Nanette Barragan.

It’s going to be a tough slog for her, since the district is 70% Latinx and covers South Los Angeles. Three of the neighborhoods and cities represented by Rep. Barragan are Watts, Carson and Compton.  It also went overwhelmingly for Clinton 83%-12%   

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And if Stacey Dash thinks that Black folks forgot that she sold our community out while taking paychecks from FOX Noise as a political commentator, she really is clueless about the fact her Black card has been revoked and we haven’t forgotten what she said about us.

Here’s the receipts.

And naw Stacey, I haven’t forgotten that foul comment you made on FOX Noise about trans women.  Something about we can ‘go pee in the bushes’. 

Naw Miss Thang, my unapologetic Black trans feminine behind doesn’t pee in the bushes outside.  I pee in a closed stall in the women’s restroom like your transphobic behind does.  When I’m done I wipe my azz, check the seat, flush and wash my hands when I’m done.

And I have no doubt that Black voters in the 44th District feel the same way about her that Gabrielle Union and much of Black America does.

Stacey’s Black Card has been revoked for her sellout behavior.   We have long memories about it when people who share our ethnic background sell us out for their own personal and economic gain. (see Omarosa).

When the karmic wheel turns to put the sellout in a position where they need the Black community’s help, payback is a you know what.

Republicans are about to learn the lesson once again that Black folks don’t vote for just ANY Black face you put on the ballot as they accused us of doing when we eagerly sent Barack H. Obama to the White House for 8 years .

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I have no doubts that the Black voters in the 44th Congressional District will not only return Congresswoman Barragan back to DC to rep them, but will eagerly be  heading to the polls November 6  to say #ByeStacey and derail her attempt to ‘Dash for DC’.

And it’s going to be fun watching that happen. . 

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