Celebrating Women’s Herstory month! Trans women Around The World

As we wrap up woman’s herstory month we had to remember our sisters from around the world! Keem Love a TransGriot contributor based in Uganda spotlighted these amazing Black trans women. There are many others!


Hajjati Abdul Jamal is trans gender activist in Uganda . She is the executive director RAINB MIRRORS . Rainbow mirrorrs is an organization that supports trans women in Uganda through different economic activities.

Cleopatra Kambugu is an advocate for trans gender rights in East Africa and is a film personality


Audrey Mbugua is one of the pioneers of the trans gender movement In Africa . She is the executive director Trans Alliance Kenya . She is a strong advocate for trans rights in Kenya


Ricki kgositua she is a trans feminist researcher gender transformation expert global health and development policy expert columnist and social entrepreneur


Rikki Nathanson . She is great trans gender activist from Zimbabwe. She is the former executive director Trans research education and advocacy training. It is an organization for trans women in Zimbabwe


Babra Leone is the executive director East African trans health and advocacy network. She has worked closely with all trans led organizations in East Africa through the network


Jay Du pot(Miss Jay ) from Namibia . She is an activist for trans women’s rights in Namibia . She works with Trans wellness Project


Deyonce is a feminist, human rights and gender activist who specializes in the human rights of trans diverse persons and currently serving as the National Coordinator of the Transgender, Intersex and Androgynous Movement of Namibia, an organization that advocates for the rights and the bodily autonomy of trans diverse persons in Namibia. She has been trained as a human rights defender, has served in leadership roles in youth movements and forums and has been a radio presenter tackling issues of gender, sexuality and sex workers rights issues.


Beyonce is founder and Executive Director of Transgender Equality Uganda. She is a transgender woman, sex worker rights activist, human rights defender and queer feminist. She has worked with the International Reference Group on Trans* to develop HIV and STI programs for transgender people. Beyonce is also active in Uganda promoting access to sexual and reproductive health services for queer youth.


Brighton is a transwoman working at Trans* and Intersex Rising Zimbabwe where she does research, community mobilization and advocacy for trans and intersex identities and rights and appraisal of public health interventions. She has worked for Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe on youth and HIV campaigns and with TEACH, a global project for trans health. Her rights-based work includes rights for albinos and sex workers.


She calls herself Juliana, but she also goes by the name Anna Morena and has an organization of the same name—the Anna Foundation Uganda. The small, youth-led organization promotes sexual and reproductive health and rights, HIV prevention, advocacy, research, entrepreneurship and fundraising for the transgender community in central Uganda.


Karishma Kwofie, is a transgender woman from Liberia and the founder and Director of the Transgender network of liberia. Am 26 years old.  likes are Reading, dancing, cooking and swimming. Her organization advocates in Advancing quality healthcare, human rights,Access to justice , Documenting human rights abuse cases , advocating for law reform that criminalizes Trans people in liberia


Nature Raymond aka Mother Nature is the executive director The nature network . Through her organization she has been able to protect trans refugees in Kenya with different activities . Nature network brings  together transwomen  refugees in Kenya . They mainly offer physco social support and nutritional support to the members


Is a transgender woman / feminist / human rights activist advocating for trans women rights in Tanzania and within the African region. She was born and raised in Dar es salaam but originally having two ethnic backgrounds of Western and Northern Tanzania whereby she is the last born in the family of four children. She attended good schools from primary to high school level education and finally acquiring her higher National diploma in fashion designing and garment Construction from one of the pioneering designing schools in the eastern and central Africa known Evelyn College of design in Nairobi Kenya.

Growing up as a transgender woman was never easy for her as she passed a rough journey of countless challenges driving her to become the strong person she is today. One of her greatest challenge was having to live as a street sex worker for more than 5 years after being outted in the media of her gender identity and being chased away from home but after all this she highly believe and a quote that says what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and today becoming a motivation and inspiration to the Tanzanian African transgender movement with vast experience affiliations and achievements.


Lastly our very on TransGriot contributor Keem Love

Keem love is famous trans gender activist in East Africa . She is the founder and Executive director Trans positives Uganda which is an organization for trans women living with HIV . She has used social media platforms to advocate for the rights of trans women in Uganda



Written by: Keem Love Black

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

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