South Carolina Primary Today

The voters in South Carolina are trooping to the polls today to determine who they think should be their presidential nominee out of the four occupants left in the Republifool KKKlown Car now that what passes for a moderate in the GOP John Huntsman and Rick ‘Governor Goodhair’ Perry have dropped out.

Adios mofo.  You should have left after you got your non-debating butt handed to you in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Ahem, back to the post.  Will it be that paragon of marriage fidelity Newton Leroy Gingrich?  He’s been riding Southern Strategy 2.0 and frothing at the mouth GOP populism to the top of the polls here in South Carolina.  But will that lead translate into enough votes to get him a Palmetto State primary win?   

Will it be ‘Greed is Good’ Gordon Gekko wannabe Willard Romney?    Willard has seen his once big lead and momentum from a presumed win in Iowa and a big one in his New Hampshire backyard crater under the pressure of Newt’s attacks, two uninspired debate performances, more campaign trail gaffes and an oh by the way revelation that you didn’t win the Iowa caucus.

Will it be Rick Santorum, the darling of the Religious Reich?   The official winner of the Iowa Caucuses is also pimping Southern Strategy 2.0 and thumping that conservabible in an attempt to get that second primary win.

And Ron Paul?  I could write a post about why I can’t stand his racist libertarian behind, but we’ll see how many votes he gets here.

Once the polls close and the votes of the GOP primary faithful are counted, it’s off to Florida for their January 31 GOP primary.

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