Sometimes It’s Your Own Funky Personality That Makes Peeps Not Like You

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I’ve talked about how at times in this gender marathon journey we’re on, you’ll run into trans folks who have other issuesbesides just the gender identity ones.

Some of those peeps haven’t done or refuse to do the introspection, self analysis or gotten the professional help they need to see the negative behavior patterns everyone else they come into contact with does so they can overcome them.

There are just people with fracked up personalities period or who walk through life with such negative energy that no amount of transition is going to change that.  If they were jerks before transition, they will be jerks after they do so.

Those peeps need to be honest with themselves. You can tell yourself ad nauseum that people don’t like you because you are transgender, but the truth is for those of you who role model the bad behaviors I’m talking about, is people don’t like you and don’t want to be around you because of the crappy persona you project to the world.

Nobody wants to be around a negative person, be they cis or transgender.

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And the first step in correcting that nekulturny behavior pattern is take a long hard look in the mirror, holding yourself accountable for that bad behavior and stop blaming being transgender for people not liking you.

Yeah, we have people who irrationally hate on us.  But your sucky personality is probably exacerbating that dislike in your case.   As my fellow writer Denny Upkins once said and I’m going to remix his original words here, being trans does not give you an all access pass to show your azz to the world.

So time to get busy correcting those defective personality traits that make people not like you and stop trying to deflect blame for you personality shortcomings on being trans.

Conducting yourself with decorum and class will get you far not only in our activist ranks, it will carry you a long way in life period.

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