So Bernie, Stein and Johnson Voters, Enjoying The Presidency You Enabled?

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So Bernie, Stein and Johnson voters, after four days of this disastrous presidency that is worse than I even foresaw, I have one question for you.

Do you still delusionally think that Hillary Clinton is ‘worse than Trump’?

Hey, Clinton, her supporters  President Obama and yours trulytried to warn y’all before November 8, but y’all were all into your foaming at the mouth Hillary hate and your fee fees.  Well, your irrational hatred of her and third party votes are going to cost us all the progressive progress we’ve made

You had the right to vote third party and cast your votes however you wished to do so.   But 2016 was not the year for a protest vote or trying to dismiss what Hillary, President Obama and others were saying on the campaign as ‘scare tactics’.

And if you’re upset because I’m once again pointing out y’all are responsible, and especially if you lived in a swing statefor enabling this disgusting presidency, too damn bad.

Well, after four days of this Trump misadministration, are you scared for this country now?.

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