SNaP Coalition Statement On ATL MARTA Trans Hate Attack


Solutions Not Punishment is a broad based coalition in the City of Atlanta with close to a hundred organizational and individual members.

The Coalition is anchored by the Racial Justice Action Center, La Gender and (Trans)forming and works to build the power of people targeted and profiled by the Atlanta Police Department – especially Trans* and gender non conforming people of color, current and former street level sex workers, and formerly incarcerated people.   SNaP Co works to transform the city into a vibrant, inclusive Atlanta that ensures the safety of, and holistically meets the needs of all the city’s stakeholders and residents.

They issued a statement concerning the recent arrests of Luther Thomas and Frederick Missick in the ugly May 20 MARTA anti-trans hate attacks on Janell Crosby and Tyra Woods.

Here’s a taste of SNaP Coalition’s statement: :

Trans people of color suffer as much harassment and abuse at the hands
of the police and inside our jails as we do on the streets or on the
train. It is too easy for the City of Atlanta and MARTA to say they have
solved this issue by arresting and prosecuting the men who initiated
this attack. But let’s be real – that actually will not make us safer.
The City should model treating trans people with respect and dignity by
first ending the abuse perpetrated by their own police department. The
trans community needs jobs, housing, health care and to be treated with
respect by the police department – the city can take leadership in these
– Solution NOT Punishment Coalition

The City of Atlanta should be deeply disturbed by the acts of harassment and violence endured by trans* women both at the hands of the Atlanta Police Department and by the general public on trains, buses, and on the streets. Our lives matter, trans* lives matter and we will no longer be silent or swept aside. Enough is Enough!
Solutions Not
Punishment Coalition will be hosting a June 3 town call concerning his issue at the Phillip Rush Center,   It’s scheduled to start at 5:30 PM EDT for those of you in the ATL area wishing to attend .

Click this link for the complete SNaP Co statement:

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