Shut Up Fool Awards-Whitewashed Oscars Edition

This weekend the melanin free Oscars will take place on Sunday, and I won’t be watching them.

Yep, still pissed that Selma didn’t get more of the nominations it deserved and Ava Duvernay didn’t get what would have been a historic  Best Director nod.

Instead I’ll be revealing at 7:00 PM CST this year’s 2015 class of Shut Up Fool Lifetime Achievement Awards winners.

So let’s get busy calling out this week’s cavalcade of fool, fools or group of fools.

Honorable mention number one is to the still unknown idiots who held up the WHITE POWER signs at the Flower Mound-Plano East HS basketball game.

You’re going to make fine future Republicans.  Hopefully the LISD will find you and you’ll be learning the lesson of taking personal responsibility for your reprehensible behavior.that has given your school a (pun intended) national black eye.

Honorable mention number two is Charles Barkley for cooning it up and saying a series of stupid stuff that will probably guarantee him an appearance at the 2016 Republican Convention next to Stacey Dash, and Dr Ben Carson. 

Honorable mention number three is Dinesh D’Souza for his racist attacks on President Obama.  You can take the conservafool convicted felon out of India, but…..

Honorable mention number four is a group one we go across The Pond for.   It’s for all the nekulturny Chelsea soccer fans who while in Paris for a Euroleague match involving their beloved club thought they were back in England, reverted to their racist hooligan rootsand refused to let Black Parisians on their own subway trains while proudly singing ‘we’re racist and that’s the way we like it.’.

Unfortunately for them FIFA has a Say No To Racism campaign that is striving to eradicate it from the sport.   The cool thing is the Chelsea Football Club swiftly condemned their fans for their behavior, and will permanently ban those people deemed responsible with lifetime ticket sales bans.

Honorable mention number five is Pope Francis, who did his Pope Benedict impression and compared trans people to nuclear weapons mere weeks after inviting a trans man to the Pope Palace, for a private gathering

I’m really hating Paul McHugh for injecting trans hate at the Vatican level.

Honorable mention number six is Nevada state legislator Michelle Fiore (R)  who said while trying to rationalize her bill allowing guns on college campuses, “Hot little girls on campus need guns to prevent rape.”

And this is what happens when you get GOP controlled legislatures.

Honorable mention number seven is Rudy ‘9-11’  Giuliani, who let loose with a series of racist comments aimed at President Obama, then when the backlash started to hit him tried to claim his comments weren’t racist because ‘ Obama has a white mother.’

Seriously?   Rudy, sit your old drag queen ass down and have several sections of seats in Yankee Stadium for even parting your lips to say that weak azz BS.

Honorable mention number eight is FOX Noise commentator Erick Erickson, who combined Islamophobia and homophobia in one comment when he parted his lips to compare gay activists to ISIS

Honorable mention number nine goes to Kanye West for hisproblematic Power 105 interview that seems to condone pedophilia and slut shames his ex Amber Rose.

Dude, I be careful who I slut shame when your own wife rose to fame by releasing a sex tape with Brandy’s little brother and was with multiple partner before you got to cop a feel on her fake cakes on a regular basis.

Honorable mention number ten is Pamela Gellar, who is pouring gasoline on the racist Islamophobic hate being stirred up in conservafool ranks in Texas by organizing a contest to draw the Prophet Muhammad.

I repeat, what is it about you white conservafools?  Do you have a deep seated need to racistly oppress people?

Roosh Vörek (

This week’s Shut Up Fool is Roosh Vorek

This misogynist fool had the nerve to suggest on his website popular with the MRA (men’s rights activist) crowd that the solution to the rape crisis was to ‘decriminalize rape on private property.’

WTF?   Guess you want to ensure your only female companionship from now on will be with blowup dolls.

Roosh Vorek, shut the HELL up fool.

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