Shut Up Fool Awards- We’re Voting In Texas Edition

While ther rest of you peeps are focused on Nevada and their caucus happeing tomorrow, what y’all aren’t aware of is that Texas started early voting on Tuesday for our March 3 primary election in whcih 222 delegates to the DNC in Milwaukee will be up for grabs.

Early voting will last in the Lone Star State until February 28, and if you don’t habdle your early voting business by that date, you’ll have to wait until march 3 to vote in either the Democratic or Republican Party primaries.

That’s my public service message for you to take your soul (and a few of your friends souls) to the poling places near you and handle your voting business.

Speaking of handling some business, time to handle our weekly Friday business of calling out fools and seeing which one earned the coveted TransGriot Shut Up Fool Award.

Honorable mention number one was Briahna Joy Gray, the press secretary to Bernie Sanders. 

She channeled her inner Sarah Sanders to declare that people asking for Bernie’s medical records because his azz had a heart attack a few months ago,is akin to birtherism.

Naw boo boo kitty, it isn’t.   It’s because inquiring minds wanna know if Sanders’ 78 year old azz  is healthy enough to actually survive a term in a pressure packed office that turn Barack Obama’s hair gray after serving two terms.

Let me move on to Honorable mention number two, the Texas Southern University Board of Regents, who fired Dr Austin Lane, TSU’s now former president, over the objections of TSU students and TSU alumni

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They admitted Lane was not ivolved in the Thurgood Marshall Law School admissions scandal, so why are you terminating him and paying him nearly a million dollars to go?. 

The only people bringing shame to TSU are you boneheads

Honorable mention number three is a group award for The Breakfast Club, who brought the HeSheDummy Marcus’ problematic azz on their show again.

Not even wasting my valuable time listening to it.

This week’s winner is Boosie Badazz, the D-List rapper who opened his big mouth and let something transphobic come out of itin regards to Zaya Wade.

Dude, you are the last person to give anyone parenting advice, since you were willing to let someone sexually assault your cisgender male child.

And FYI you ignorant kneegrow, you don’t get to have a say about Zaya Wade, period.  Trans people’s lives, and especially our Black trans kids; lives are not up for debate or discussion. 

Let me say it again in case you didn’t comprehend it the first time.

Zaya is a girl. She’s told you she is a girl. Her parents unconditionally love and support her. That settles it.   Move on.  
D-Wade and Gabby got this in terms of knowing what’s best for their child, and you need to get back to not raising yours properly.

Boosie Not So Badazz, shut up fool 


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