Shut Up Fool Awards-Voting Is Sexy And Important Edition

Time flies, especially as you get older.   Summer has turned into fall on my side of the planet, which promises relief from the hot, steamy weather typical of my beloved hometown this time of year. 

But one thing never changes.  As Mr T so eloquently stated, fools are everywhere, and no time is that more true than during the runup to a major election.

Hope you peeps are registered and planning to handle you electoral business and vote November 4. 

And yes, from now until that date, I plan on hounding you so you don’t forget how important this upcoming election is and how vital it is for you to participate in it.

And only your electoral participation can prevent right wing jerks from getting elected to public office.

And yes, since today is Friday, time for me to do my weekly duty and call out the fool, fools and groups of fools that have so richly earned this week’s awards.

So lets get to it shall we?

Honorable mention number one is Tamikka Brents.    After she bumped her gums spreading transphobic shade about Fallon Fox and how she couldn’t wait to fight her, after Fallon beat that azz back on September 13 in a 2:17 TKO, she whined about the butt kicking and claimed fighting  transfeminine fighters ‘isn’t fair’.

Must be the concussion talking.   My suggestion to you Tamikka is to stop flapping your gums and get into the gym and do more training so you don’t sustain more beatdowns like the one you took from someone you claim couldn’t fight.

Honorable mention number two is Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R)  who claims HB 2 would have saved Joan Rivers life.  

Um naw homes, don’t even try it.    Joan Rivers was not having an abortion, she was at an ambulatory surgery center having plastic surgery under the care of a doctor with admittance privileges to Mt Sinai Hospital. 

And every Stevie Wonder can see that your HB 2 law is not about saving lives but closing abortion clinics.

Honorable mention number three is Kevin Sorbo, who bizarrely claimed on FOX Noise that the NFL won’t fire anyone over the domestic abuse scandal roiling the league because of get this, Benghazi.

Last time I checked, there were no NFL franchises in Libya.

Honorable mention number four is a group award for the National Center for Transgender Equality.  NCTE recently put out a call asking trans persons of color for their discrimination stories that they will videotape and use to solicit funds for their organization.  And what will they compensate the New York transpeeps they ask to share their stories with?   Subway fare.

Typical of NCTE and other Gay Inc orgs.   They want our POC faces in their photos and videos, want to use our stories to fundraise off of, but won’t hire transpeople of color to work in their predominately white organizations. 

Honorable mention number five is for Vinny Minchillo, a GOP operative who is spearheading a campaign to remind everyone that Republicans Have Feelings Too.

Really?  Republicans have feelings? Can’t tell by their current actions, policies and hateful rhetoric buttressing them.   Those reprehensible multiyear actions confirm to me and ‘errbody’ else that isn’t white, male, rich and right wing ‘christian’ that the GOP is nothing more than the political arm of white supremacy.And Vinny, you have a serious problem as a party if you have to cut ads to remind
people you are human after all the racist, hateful crap your party has said,
done and proposed in your legislative policies.

Honorable mention number six is New York Times writer Alessandra Stanley, for writing that jacked up Shonda Rhimes article that not only called her  an ‘angry Black woman’, but called Viola Davis ‘less classically beautiful’.

Black Twitter calls her azz out in 5…4…3…2…1

Honorable mention number seven is Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who continues to live up to the dumb blonde stereotype ever since she migrated over from The View to become a FOX fembot.

Liz parted her lips on Fox and Friends earlier in the week to state that all people should pass a citizenship test before they are allowed to vote.   Guess she was asleep in history class when they discussed Jim Crow segregation and the use of literacy tests to disenfranchise African-American voters. 

JCH_at_Podium_croppedThis week’s Shut Up Fool winner is Pastor John Hagee.

A video recently surfaced in which the San Antonio based christopimp is quoted based on a misinterpretation of 2 Thessalonians currently in vogue with conservafools.   This verse is used in conservaworld  to justify the income inequality that blossomed on their watch. 

Hagee was quoted as saying that ‘nasty welfare recipients don’t deserve to eat live

Hypocritical azzholes like you don’t deserve to be called Christians.

Pastor John Hagee, shut up fool!

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