Shut Up Fool Awards-There Go The SCOTUS Judges Edition

It`s the USA`s birthday tomorrow, and some of us have much to celebrate in the wake of the SCOTUS delivering some groundbreaking decisions on marriage equality, preserving Obamacare and even spiking an unjust Texas law that would have forced all but five abortion clinics east of I-35 in the state to close.

However, just before the Supremes bounced from DC until the first Monday in October, they decided to take another affirmative action case from the same suburban Texas white female who was mad because she couldn`t get into UT with jacked up grades.

Can you say `entitled`girls and boys?   Thought you could.

Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!   Time to rule on that fool, fool or group of fools exhibiting Antomin Scalia levels of biogtry, Clarence Thomas levels of hypocrisy and sellout coonery, John Roberts (no relation) levels of cluelessness and Joseph Alito levels of arrogance.

It`s time for this week`s edition of the TransGriot Shut Up fool awards, SCOTUS style.

Our first honorable mention case is the entire conservafool movement vs marriage equality, and the court finds you went too far off the chain in over the top hyperbole, attempts to enact Massive Resistance 3.0 by refusing to issue marriage licenses across the country, and other acts of conservaignorance I`d need to write a full post to call out.

Honorable mention case number two is Donald Trump vs the Latino community, and this one despite an amicus brief from FOX Noise, the verdict is unanimous that Trump is a bigot.  Univision has pulled out of broacasting the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants he owns,  Mexico has pulled their delegate from the Miss Universe pageant, and NBC Universal has kicked him to the curb from The Apprentice in additon to the pendejo being excoriated by the Latino community and their allies.

Honorable mention case number three is the group one for all the KKKonfederate Flag defenders vs American history.    Another unamimous decision in favor of history and the facts that the Confederate flag represents white supremacy and gray clad group of racists who fought an armed rebellion against the US goverment to keep my people enslaved.  

The South not only started the War To Perpetuate Slavery they lost, the words of the CSA politicians of the day, Confederate VP Alexander Stephens 1861`Cornerstone Speech` and the causes of secession for several states made it quite clear why they did so.

Heritage not hate my azz.

Honorable mention case number four is Frankie Quijano and Houston Pride vs Reality.   In the wake of the historic ruling happening just 24 hours before the first ever downtown pride parade was a reason for optimism, but to claim that 750K people attended the parade and the festival was stretching the boundaris of credibility when the crowd estimates I`d heard was 450K.

Honorable mention case number fiveis Amber Roof vs Class.   She`s the sister of Charleston `terriss` Dylann Roof who was scheduled to get married on June 21 until her Confederate flag waving white supremacist brother walked into a church, killed 9 people and forced her to cancel the wedding.

She put together a self serving GoFundMe campaign to raise the money for her rescheduled wedding, which was canceled after widespread negative backlash `to start their new lives`.

Whiteness at its finest folks.   She`s more concerned about her life,  and her only concern about the nine lives her brother took or how it impacts their families is it ruined her wedding.

Have an arena full of seats, a bless her heart and a nice Southern sweet tea flavored blend of shut the hell up.

This week`s Supreme Fool is Rick Perry.   In addition to running for the GOP presidential nomination for a second time while under indictment, Perry made the mistake of thinking black people are as clueless as the GOP base when he opened his mouth to say that it is the Republican Party who is giing hope to my coomunity.

Snce when?   Yeah, your party is giving hope to Black Americans alright in the contex of we hope you GOP conservajerks lose next year`s election and some house and Senate seats to go with it.    We hope you stop demonizing us.   We hope you stop suppressing our right to vote.   We hope you stop coming up with new ways to insult a POTUS revered by us.

And what was the name of your family`s West Texas hunting lodge again?

Rick Perry, shut up fool!

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