Shut Up Fool Awards- The Taxman Cometh Edition

For those of you who are still working on your taxes, thanks to the April 15 deadline falling on a Sunday the IRS graciously has given you until midnight April 17th to get those tax forms done and mailed to them.

But before you peruse those returns and make sure you have double checked them to ensure you have every dollar you have coming to you from Uncle Sam in refund money (or are making sure you don’t owe Uncle Sam) let’s take a moment to engage in our usual Friday TransGriot business of ensuring we call out the fool or fools that so richly deserve our illustrious award for their stupidity.

As always, we have many contenders for this week’s award, and we have our usual group nominations for the Republican Party and Fox Noise.   Our other nominees are GOP chair Reince Priebus, Barbara Walters, Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI), Sen Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich.

Honorable mention this week goes to Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen who opened his mouth and got himself a 5 day suspension for expressing admiration of Fidel Castro

The problem is that the Marlins just opened a new pop top ballpark in Little Havana, a neighborhood chock full of Cubans who have resided there since the 60’s because of the man Ozzie praised and who still hate his guts.   He apologized for the remarks, but now the Marlins are facing a boycott from Miami’s Cuban community because of Ozzie’s big mouth.

This week’s winner also resided in South Florida in the person of Rep. Allen West (R-FL)    

He was channeling his inner Eugene McCarthy when in response to a constituent question at a town hall asking how many members of Congress were card carrying Marxists, the Tea Klux Klan’s favorite knee-grow asserted that there were 78 to 81 Democrats who were members of the Communist Party and threw the members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus under his McCarthyite bus.

The comment was so laughable the real Communist Party quickly issued a statement lambasting West.

Dude, calling someone a communist is so 20th century.   And this is the man that Caribou Barbie thinks should be a vice presidential pick for Mitt Romney?   This man is an embarrassment even to the sellout knee-grows in the GOP.

Rep. Allen West, shut up fool!

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