Shut Up Fool Awards- Showing No Love For Fools Edition

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Today is February14, which means it’s Single Appreciation Day.    Flower shops and stores are crowded with people getting last minute gifts for their loved ones, while restaurants will be crowded with couples later tonight.

Today is also Friday, and y’all know what that means.   It’s SUF Day, and I’m showing zero love for any fools today.

Honorable mention goes to Franklin Graham for being mad he just reaped what he’s trying to sowonto millions of YBLGQ+ people.

Another honorable mention goes to every fauxtep ranting about Zaya Wade and her parents support of her.

Honorable mention number four goes to Ben Carson, who made the WTF level statekment that the people who work at Mar-aLago show that trump is ‘not racist’.

Dude, what weed have you been smoking?

Honorable mention number four goes to Mike Bloomberg, who thinks he can buy his way to the 2020  Democratic presidential nomination as his dirty political laundry comes tumbling out of the closet .

And naw, I’m definitely not feeling Bloomberg.

Honorable mention number five is John Kelly

Kelly, after being silent all this time since he got bounced from the Trump White House, now decides to become Billy Badazz and start critizing the impeached Idiot in Thief over Ukraine and the retalitory firng of Col Alexander Vindman .

Frankly, it’s too little and way too late.   On top of that Mr Kelly, I’m not interested in anything to have to say now unless it is prefaced by an apology to Rep, Frederica  Wilson (D-FL) or it’s testimony to any US House committee investigating Orange Fooliuis

Wendy Williams Honored With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

This week’s Shut Up Fool winner is Wendy Williams.

Miss Thang put her pumps in her mouth by unleashing a homophobic rant that appeared to be aimed at POSE’s Billy Porter.    Wendy said that gay men should stop wearing our skirts and heels.

That comment triggered a swift backlash that caused Wendy to retact that statement.

News flash Wendy.  There are cis women on this planet who don’t menstruate or have the ability to bear a child.  Does that make them men?   Hell naw.

You’ve been probematic for a long time, and I just don’t have the bandwith today to to channel my inner Elekta Wintour and read your azz.    Mr T, can you do the honors?

Wendy Williams, shut up Fool!

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