Shut Up Fool Awards-Rocky Mountain High Edition

As many of you TransGriot readers are well aware of, I’m in Denver for Creating Change 2015. 

I’m having a wonderful time connecting with all my peeps in the movement while getting my learn on about stuff that will make me an even better human rights advocate when I return to the Lone Star State.

And naw, I haven’t hit the dispensaries selling Colorado’s newest cash crop while I been up here, but I am aware that other attendees have.

I have my own Slurpee addiction I’m satisfying to the point the clerks at the 7-Eleven across the street from the hotel know me by name. 

But this is also Friday, and that means I have my usual TransGriot business of calling out the fool, fools or group o fools that have kept this staple feature of my blog going for six years and counting.

So let’s get to this week’s fools

Honorable mention number one is Rafael Cruz, daddy of the junior fool senator from Alberta,  Daddy Cruz parted his lips to say in attacking the HERO that allowing transpeeps to use public restrooms will bring on the Apocalypse.

Um Rafael, transpeople have been using public restrooms for 54 years now, so your comment if it were on Politifact would be rated Liar Liar Pants on Fire.

Honorable mention number two is Bud Roth.  He is the Franklin County VA official who seems to think his religious beliefs trump the law and have no right to get married

I guess your next step to bring back the good old days of pre Loving v Virginia and bar interracial couples from getting married, too

Honorable mention number three is Alex Jones.  In another episode of white male conservafool gone off the rails, while trying to defend Sen. Rand Paul’s disastrous performance on reporter Kelly Evens CNBC show when he shushed her on air, he called her a slut and a whore for simply doing her job of calling him out over his anti-vaccine pandering.

Honorable mention number four is a group award to all the conservafools who went batturd cray-cray over President Obama’s remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast that reminded the christobigots that Christianityalso has a violent streak in terms of the Crusades

Honorable mention number five is ATLAH pastor James David Manning.   In his January 30 message contaminating YouTube he asserted that Justin Bieber was a girl who cut off her breasts because the POTUS’ evil spirits misled him.

Hey, I’m just reporting. You decide how idiotic it is.   

Aww, you mad because you ain’t Justin Bieber’s type?   Why don’t you give Donnie McClurkin a call if you’re itching to go out on a date with some masculine company?  

Honorable mention number six is Dr Jack Wolfson, the anti-vaxx idiot who said in a CNN interview that he didn’t care if his unvaccinated kids gave others preventable communicable diseases that made them gravely ill.

Umm Arizona, can we revoke his medical license please?

Honorable mention number seven is Utah state rep Brian Greene (R) who questioned during a Utah House debate on a bill sponsored by Rep Angela Romero (D) to make having sex with an unconscious person a crime if it was actually rape.

I’ll answer that question for you Rep. Greene.   If she doesn’t or can’t give consent, it’s rape.

I’ll bet if your daughter was the unconscious woman who was not in a position to consent to have sex, you’d be singing a different tune about that

Del. Brian Kurcaba ( week’s Shut Up fool winner is West Virginia state Delegate Brian Kurcaba.   This Republifool went into Todd Akins mode and asserted that rape can be beautiful if a child come out of it.

Time for me to go into Maya Wilkes mode.

Bet your ass wouldn’t think it was so beautiful if you were the one who was sexually assaulted and you were forced to carry your rapist’s child.

And these are the type of idiots y’all gave the power to write legislation in West Virginia.

Delegate Brian Kurcaba, shut up fool

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