Shut Up Fool Awards: Renee’s Recovering, Eh! Edition

As many of you who read Womanist Musings know, Renee’s battling a nasty flu bugcourtesy of Mayhem who was waylaid by it first and passed the unwanted present to everybody in the house.

Had a chance to talk to her the other night, and she wanted me to pass on to everybody in the blogosphere that she’s alive and fighting the flu bug off.

She hoped to be feeling good enough to be fighting the good fight through the electronic pages of Womanist Musings as soon as she feels well enough to do so.

So this weeks search for our Shut Up Fool Award winner is dedicated to my fave north of the border blogger

As usual we had a bumper crop of fools competing for this week’s award.   Honorable mention goes to Bill O’Reilly for getting his draws in a bunch and using his Fox Noise platform to attack little Elijah who told Michelle Bachmann at a recent public appearance that his lesbian mommy didn’t need fixing.

A second honorable mention award goes to Rick Perry.for his jacked up anti-gay comments that have gone viral.

Our other nominees were Gretchen Carlson, Eric Bolling, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, group award for Fox Noise, Rep Eric Cantor (R-VA), Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), former Macy’s employee Natalie Johnson, group awards for WorldNetDaily, the Republican Party, and Pat Robertson  

For this week’s Shut Up Fool winners we go Down Under for the first time and give them to Sydney’s 2Day FM DJ’s Kyle Sandilands and his co-host Jackie O.  

Just one day after the TDOR concluded, Sandilands was on the air November 21 on his AM show asking this transphobic question to a caller.

I’ve fallen madly in love with a tranny from a
nightclub in Vegas… I have asked you to be the best man at this filthy
little Vegas chapel. What do you do to stop me marrying the tranny?”

The caller dumbly responded: “You gotta for sure drug her, and get
rid of… actually I have a better idea… [caller bleeped] Get rid of her!
We kill her.”

And what was the sheila doing?   Jackie O was busy laughing at the comment.   

Oh well,.at least the caller didn’t misgender us in this hypothetical situation (sarcasm meter on maximum)  

But it’s just another example of the transphobic hate we’re getting all over the world for the holidays.  At least my Aussie transpeople and the rest of us around the planet have the satisfaction of watching your show lose advertisers at a precipitous rate.

And oh yeah, Shut up fools!

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