Shut Up Fool Awards-Post Houston Election Edition

Houston went to the polls on Tuesday, and the results were mixed for those of us who love freedom and justice.   We have had some of the candidate our community endorsed either get elected outright or survive to make the December 12 runoff while others didn’t.

But we also had a major loss with the defeat of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance in a deceptive trans-bashing campaign bankrolled and backed bu the Texas Republican party and longtime anti-LGBT conservafools that hoodwinked and bamboozled 61% of the population of my hometown into voting against their own human rights.

PictureYeah, they are gloating now, but we’ll see how long those smirks stay on their faces.

Anyway, let’s get to this week’s SUF winner.   No point in even selecting runners up, the runaway winners are the 61% of Houston who voted NO on HERO,

That also includes the non-white ministers who sold out their communities to pal around with out of town Republican oppressors, those peeps who fell for the okey doke during early voting or on election day, those of you who gleefully promoted anti-trans hate, or thought they were sticking it to Mayor Parker or the Houston LGBT community.

Hey, you’re about to find out you hurt yourselves, not just us or Mayor Parker.   The first economic dominos have already fallen.   Less than 24 hours after the hate vote, the NCAA rejected without comment all three Houston bids to host the CFA college football  championship games in 2018, 2019 and 2020, and increasing calls to yank the 2016 NCAA men’ Final Four and 2017 Super Bowl from H-town.

HERO haters, shut up fools.

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