Shut Up Fool Awards-2011 Post Election Edition

It’s been 72 hours since a great Election Day 2011 for the Blue Team, and we’r still basking in the afterglow from our victories over conservatism.  

Maine repealed the GOP backed law attacking same day registration.  SB 5 was repealed by a double digit margin in Ohio.  The personhood amendment in Mississippi went down in double digit flames. The Democrats kept their one seat margin in the Iowa Senate.  The odious transphobic teacher hatin’ knee-grow was recalled in Michigan while in Arizona they recalled the immigrant bashing Latino hatin’ Tea Klux Klan senate President Russell Pearce. Annise Parker was reelected to her second term as Houston’s mayor.

Only thing that would have made this night better is if Jenifer Pool had won.  Oh well, Jenifer, thank you for running and representing our Houston trans community well.   Consider this political trivia tidbit as you do you election post mortem.  Mayor Parker and President Obama both lost their first election campaigns.

Rick Perry embarrassing himself on national TV made up for it.

And that’s my cue to move on to this week’s Shut Up Fool Awards ‘bidness’, where we shine a bright spotlight on the fool, fool or group of fools who campaign on the Orwell Party platform of ‘ignorance is strength’.

Our nominees this week are Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA), Herman Cain, Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), Gov. John Kasich (R-OH), RNC Chair Reince Priebus,  Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, HISD Trustee Manuel Rodriguez, and a group award for Fox Noise.   

Honorable mention goes to Congress’ favorite bigoted teabagging deadbeat dad, Rep Joe Walsh (R-IL).  He not recently received an award from Tony Perkins’ Family Research Council for ‘unwavering support of the family’ (yeah, right) despite owing his ex-wife $115,000 in child support payment, peep the meltdown he had with his constituents back in Illinois.

But this week’s winner is Mississippi Lt. Governor (and Governor-Elect) Phil Bryant (R)

At an event in Tupelo, MS in front of 30 people in support of the initiative, Bryant not only violated Godwin’s Law, he said that “Satan wins” if voters reject Initiative 26 that defines personhood at fertilization.

Bryant was responding to a question from Cristen Hemmins, who was raped and shot twice during a kidnapping as a college student. “The personhood amendment would make all abortions illegal, even in cases
of rape or incest. “Why can’t you men have any sympathy for women like
me?” she asked Bryant.

Bryant claimed he had sympathy for Ms. Hemmins, but then compared the personhood issue to the Holocaust and the Jews
of Nazi Germany “being marched into the oven,” because of “the people
who were in charge of the government at that time.” He described the
ballot measure as “a battle of good or evil,” and warned, “the evil dark
side that exists in this world is taking hold. And they’re saying, what
we want you to be able to do is continue to extinguish innocent life.
You see, if we could do that, Satan wins.”.

A zygote is not a person, dude.   Y’all ain’t fooling nobody on that one except your scientifically illiterate and Fox Noise watching base.  That’s why ‘Satan Won’ on Tuesday.

Governor-Elect Phil Bryant, shut the HELL up fool.

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