Shut Up Fool Awards-Mother’s Day Weekend Edition

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and I must take a moment to not only wish all you moms who read TransGriot a happy one, but all you peeps who act as mother figures in someone’s life.

Thanks for all you do to keep your families together

It’s Friday, so y’all know what that means. 

It’s Shut Up Fool! award time.  It’s time to shine a bright spotlight on the fool, fool or group of fools who need to be called out this week.

This weeks nominees are in the group category the Republican Party, the Log Cabin Republicans Sellouts and Fox Noise.

The individual nominees are Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), Rep Eric Cantor (R-VA), Franklin Graham, Billy Graham, Tony Perkins, Rep Paul Ryan (R-WI), Gov Scott Walker (R-WI), Gretchen Carlson, Michelle Malkin, Jamie Dimon (CEO of JP Morgan),Mitt (Da Bully) Romney, Rick Santorum, Hennepin County, MN DA Michael Freeman, and the Rev Dr. Robert Jeffress.     

Honorable mention goes to Bristol Palin, who has the nerve to slam same gender marriage, the POTUS and Malia and Sasha Obama while she can’t even stay in a relationship with her baby daddy.

Another honorable mention goes to that knee-grow cookie chomping sellout Jesse Lee Peterson for his steaming pile of failin which he opines that women should have never been given the right to vote among other things.

Dayum, thought Uncle Ruckus only existed in the Boondocks cartoons 

But this week’s winner is a group award to the 61% percent of the North Carolina electorate who allowed themselves to be hoodwinked, bamboozled and motivated by their hatred of LGBT people into stripping the human rights of their fellow Tarheels by voting for the unjust Amendment One. 

I’m surprised they didn’t create a hologram of Jesse Helms to use in the pro-Amendment One campaign. 

It also means that since 1998, same gender marriage when put to a vote has a 0-32 record.

What can I say about that BS that hasn’t been said already?   Well, here we go..  

This is the last gasp of the Dixiecrats.  Unfortunately this loss is causing pain for people I know in the state, the team of people who fought mightily to keep this jacked up amendment out of the North Carolina constitution and LGBT residents of it like blogger Pam Spaulding and her spouse, and the straight couples who are now just finding out they are getting screwed by it too.

This is only a temporary setback.  The trend lines and polling are favoring same gender marriage.  So is the moral arc of history and the actuarial tables. 

North Carolina Amendment One 61% Voters, shut up fools.

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