Shut Up Fool Awards-Moni’s Leaving New York Edition

I’m at LaGuardia airport about to take a flight back home to Texas after spending a little over 24 hours here in New York as part of an empowering Arcus Foundation trans media think tank event.

Enjoyed spending quality time with some amazing trans community leaders. It ws also fun to see some  old friends, and meeting people for the first time that I’ve known forever online or on Facebook.  It was also great seeing some of my New York area friends like Kimberley McLeod and my Houston expat homegirl Stacey Langley

But my life in Houston setting up my new apartmenand post-flight barbecue at Hobby awaits.

As you longtime TransGriot readers know, it’s Friday, and it’s Itime for me to call out some fools.  Speaking of fools, on New Year’s Eve I’ll announce who will be the 2014 Shut Up Fool Of The Year, so get those nominations into me before Christmas Day.

And now, let’s call out this week’s cavalcade of idiots.

Honorable mention number one is to the white couple in NYC who mocked Eric Garner’s death by police chokehold while Allison Kaden was doing a news report

You peeps and your ugly attitudes are why we continue to have race relation problems in this country.

Honorable mention number two is Rudy Giuliani for his fracked up comment that “Black people need to stop making White police officers shoot them.”  More like White police officers need to stop shooting and killing unarmed Black people.   He then doubled down on it by calling Mayor Bill DeBlasio as the ‘real racist’ 

Somebody punch that old bigoted crossdresser in the face, please.

Honorable mention number three we go overseas to Latvia for.  Inga Priede is learning the hard way about Godwin’s Law after she was forced to resign after tweeting ‘Thank God The Nazis shot gays’ during a debate with MPs from her party about same sex relationships

Honorable mention number four is Hooks, TX ISD board member Chris Harris for his Facebook post featuring a Klansman standing with arms folded stating “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”.

And what I want for Christmas is your resignation from the HISD school board.

Honorable mention number five is Rev. Stacey Swimp.  He is responsible for killing a proposed  Michigan non-discrimination law  because in his loud and wrong opinion LGBT people haven’t suffered enough.

Honorable mention number six is the Staten Island Grand Jury.   What video were you fools watching that caused you to come to the conclusion not to indict NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo in the Eric Garner case?

This week’s Shut Up Fool goes to Pastor Steven Anderson in Tempe, AZ   

Pastor Steven Anderson ( Bible thumping idiot calledfor the extermination of LGBT people if the planet wants an AIDS-free world.

Anderson has run afoul of the Secret Service for openly praying twice for the death of President Barack Obama.

When you call for the extermination of people you don’t like, that isn’t Christian.

Steven Anderson, shut up fool!

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