Shut Up Fool Awards-Moni’s In DC Edition

Yep, Moni’s in town and inside I-495 for the first time since my last trip here in 2009.   Having a wonderful time here at the 2nd Annual OUT on the Hill and the CBCF-ALC  getting my learn and lobby on, talking to my fellow activists here in the Washington DC area and nationally, seeing old friends and making new ones.

Don’t hate.  It lessens you.  

Nice segue into this week’s Shut Up Fool Awards business.   As usual I get to shine a bright spotlight on the fool. fool or group of fools that need to be called out for their ignorance and stupidity.

Let’s just get straight to our winner this week, Supreme Court (In)Justice Antonin Scalia.

Scalia was recently quoted as saying that it isn’t unconstitutional to execute an innocent man.

“This Court has never held that
the Constitution forbids the execution of a convicted defendant who has
had a full and fair trial but is later able to convince a habeas court
that he is “actually” innocent. Quite to the contrary, we have
repeatedly left that question unresolved, while expressing considerable
doubt that any claim based on alleged “actual innocence” is
constitutionally cognizable.”

Really?  Try telling that legalistic BS to Troy Davis’ family or anyone who doesn’t share your ethnic background.

Time for your azz to resign from the Supreme Court.   And take your allegedly Negroid ventriloquist dummy with you.

(In)Justice Antonin Scalia, shut the hell up fool!

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